Our wrappers
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Our Products

The wrappers:

Our wrappers are ideal for any occasion, whether you want to invite, announce, say thank you, advertise or fundraise. 

So whether its a new baby, a wedding, special birthday or you want to send your greetings on chocolate instead of in cards this Christmas, we're sure you'll find a design to suit you.  However, if none of our 50+ designs are quite right for you, we can use one of our 'blank canvas' wrappers to create a bespoke, completely unique design for you.  Please click on the link on the upper left of the page to see our full range.

You can add photos or your logo to our wrappers, and a message of your choice (space permitting). We have a wide range of fonts to suit your personality and occasion.

We can also attach beautiful paper roses to the bars and have a large choice of colours to match your wedding theme.

Each bar is individually hand wrapped.

The chocolate:

Our chocolate is excellent quality, great tasting milk chocolate made in the UK.  The chocolate has 20% milk solids and 30% cocoa solids.  Our bars are wrapped in silver foil.

Our standard bars are 35g while the mini bars are 10g